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COSEBOC WORKSHOP: Healing Minds: Fostering positive educational outcomes for boys of color through a comprehensive, culturally-relevant school mental health program

Approximately 80% of children with mental health concerns receive no treatment. Research shows that untreated mental health concerns can lead to problematic outcomes for youth of color including high drop-out rates, unemployment, incarceration, and substance abuse.  Additionally, Black and Latino youth made fewer visits to mental health professionals (47% and 58% respectively) than White youth and Black and Latino youth were more likely to be referred to juvenile justice programs than to receive mental health treatment compared to White youth. Students who receive SEL programming show an 11%-point increase in achievement scores. Therefore, schools play a critical role in supporting the mental health needs of students. This session will explore how mental health/SEL promotion contributes to boys of color who are liberated, empowered, and educated.

In this interactive workshop, participants will explore how a comprehensive school mental health model can support early identification, decrease mental health stigma; increase access to mental health supports; and guide school policies. Through case studies and personal narratives, we will show how culturally responsive school-wide policies/practices (e.g., Social-Emotional Learning (SEL); Restorative circles) and clinical interventions (e.g., solution-focused/trauma-focused cognitive-behavior therapy; Expressive Arts) are essential to empowering youth and fostering positive educational outcomes for boys of color.