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Promoting Academic Success Through Culturally Competent Mental Health Services in Schools [Trinity Boston Counseling Center]

An estimated 20% of children/adolescents have a “diagnosable health condition” (American Academy of Pediatrics, 2003) and 80% of those children who meet criteria for a mental health concern do not receive treatment. Research shows that untreated mental health concerns can lead to problematic outcomes for youth including high drop-out rates, unemployment, incarceration, and substance abuse.  Therefore, schools can play a critical role in addressing the mental health needs of students by increasing access to mental health supports and by implementing initiatives that foster early identification, treatment, and support of students’ social-emotional learning needs. In this interactive workshop, participants will have the opportunity to explore the multi-faceted role of the school-based clinician and identify best practices for providing culturally competent mental health services in schools. Additionally, we will examine tiered levels of supports and identify therapeutic interventions that can be used to support the early identification and treatment of social-emotional concerns at each level. Through the use of case studies, participants will explore culturally relevant consultation models and practice strategies for collaborating with teachers, administrators and caregivers.