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Personal Branding Strategies [Harvard Medical School ALANA Psychology Fellows]

Finding your Niche and Owning your Voice:  Personal Branding Strategies for Clinicians of Color

“Tell me about yourself...” We’ve all been asked that question many times, but what do you say when it is asked of you? Do you usually have a response at the ready or do you fumble? Do you later think about all the things you “should” have said? For many clinicians of color, self-promotion is a dreaded task. Factors such as personality style, cultural upbringing, altruistic beliefs, and lack of knowledge can increase our avoidance behaviors. However, in today’s marketplace, having a strong brand identity is key to our personal and professional growth. In this interactive workshop, we will discuss the concepts essential to crafting a personal brand; explore how cultural values, systems of oppression, and clinical training can serve as barriers to promoting our brand; and examine how creating an authentic identity can support our goals and career advancement. Through personal accounts, skills instruction, self-reflection, and creative exercises, you will journey through a process that will support you in defining, promoting, and igniting your personal brand!