Innovative Psychological Services (InnoPsych) 

Welcome to InnoPsych, a consultancy to help mental health professionals to launch, to operate, and to grow their private practice. Here, Dr. J talks about the Therapist Entrepreneur Mindset where she trains clinicians in creating a business with a diverse income stream. She is available to meet one-on-one or for group workshops. She has developed partnerships with experts who can address all aspects of running a private practice.


Charmain F. Jackman, PhD aka Dr. J

Founder/Owner of Innovative Psychological Services (InnoPsych), a thriving solo practice in the metro-Boston area. After launching InnoPsych 12 years ago, Dr. Jackman quickly realized the necessity of having a diversified income stream. As a result, she leveraged her clinical expertise and professional networks to extend her practice beyond the therapy office.

While Dr. J continues to see clients for therapy and forensic assessments, she also leads professional development trainings for mental health professionals; speaks to community audiences; serves as a consultant to local universities; and engages with media outlets on issues impacting mental health.  Seeing the energy that emerged from her workshop on Personal Branding for Clinicians, Dr. Jackman is using her experience operating a successful private practice to provide business development coaching to clinicians who are ready to launch their own private practices.