"Dr. J"

Charmain F. Jackman, PhD

Charmain F. Jackman, Ph.D. (Dr. J) is a licensed psychologist with a doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of Southern Mississippi. Dr. Jackman trained at Boston Children’s Hospital, specializing in pediatric care and completed a post-doctoral fellowship in Forensic Psychology at Massachusetts General Hospital. In addition, she was an Instructor in Psychology at Harvard Medical School for 10 years.  Her mission is to increase access to quality, culturally competent mental health care for underserved communities and to lessen disparities in mental health care.  As a result, Dr. Jackman has focused her career on addressing issues of diversity, equity, and cultural competency.  She is actively engaged in shaping the conversation about social justice and cultural competency among mental health professionals. In 2017, she launched a Social Justice in Mental Health Discussion Series where she brings therapists together to discuss issues related to social justice and mental health and to provide strategies for navigating “isms” that emerge in therapy and professional spaces.

Dr. Jackman is the Founder & Owner of Innovative Psychological Services (InnoPsych), a thriving solo practice in the metro-Boston area.  After launching InnoPsych 12 years ago, Dr. Jackman quickly realized the necessity of having a diversified income stream. As a result, she leveraged her clinical expertise and professional networks to extend her practice beyond the therapy office. Dr. Jackman was recently featured in the American Psychological Association’s Practice Organization (APAPO) for her entrepreneurial vision for mental health professionals. Dr. Jackman offers business development coaching and marketing support to clinicians who are poised to launch or grow their private practices.